Does Daylight Saving Time Save Energy? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Indiana.” This paper shows DST actually increases energy consumption and pollution.

Daylight time and energy: Evidence from an Australian experiment. This paper shows DST did not reduce electricity in Australia.

European Biological Rhythms Society Statement on DST. Permanent Standard Time will reduce weight, reduce cancer risk, and improve heart health as opposed to permanent DST.

Society for Biological Rhythms Statement on DST. Permanent Standard Time will enhance sleep, improve cardiac health, and reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption.

“Why Standard Time Is Better” by Michael Herf, March 20, 2019

Visualization of sunrise and sunset times under Standard Time by Andy Woodruff

Impact of daylight saving time on road traffic collision risk: a systematic review. Some advocates of year-round DST say it will reduce traffic accidents. This most recent analysis suggests the effects are inconclusive.

Impact of Daylight Saving Time on circadian timing system: An expert statement. Worldwide group of circadian scientists saying DST should be discontinued.

School start times and daylight saving time confuse California lawmakers. Shows how permanent DST would negate the effects of delayed school times.

Transition to daylight saving time reduces sleep duration plus sleep efficiency of the deprived sleep. Illustrates the well-known disruption to sleep from switching to DST.

Daylight Saving Time and Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-Analysis. Switching to DST increases the risk of heart attack.

The 5 Reasons To Keep Daylight Saving Time Have No Science To Back Them Up. Forbes, March 5, 2018.

Tennessee Should Say No to Year-Round Daylight Saving Time. April 24, 2019.